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Kefalonia Real Estate - Development Moraitis

The island of Kefallinia, is  part of the ancient kingdom of Odysseus of Ithaki  and Kefalonia on the Ionian Sea, between Greece and Italy. The island has an incredibly varied landscape with natural vegetation alternating with olive groves and vineyards. The highest mountain is Aenos 1,627 meters high with fir trees and wild acorn growth. The climate is mild Mediterranean throughout the year. A variety of natural beaches with crystal clear waters form the edge of the island. Daily Ferry boats link the island with Patras, Corfu and Italy. The capital of the island is connected daily by air to Athens ,and there are direct regular flights to Italy and by charters to other European cities. Tourist developments on the island are small scale and low key, the majority of which are four and five star hotels that offer a  personal environment and are harmoniously integrated  with the local villages.

“Kefalonia  Estate” is a local family business that is active over 50 years, originally in building construction and more recently in real estate development. Vassilis Moraitis is an experienced construction contractor  continuing the family business started from his father and Rosa Moraitis  who was born and raised in Germany, the real estate part. The company offers complete services assisting in the purchase of land and the building construction. We specialize in helping people who would like to own a house for vacations  or later retire on the island. We also can manage and rent the property for the time it is not used by the owners or take care of the maintenance while the owners are away.

For the building design, planning and building permission as well the supervision of the construction, the company can advise and recommend licensed architects and structural engineers practicing  in Kefalonia.

The company clients include, except Greeks, people from England, Holland, Germany , Russia and the USA. In this site we have included a number of properties that we were responsible for the purchase of the land and the construction of the buildings.

We would be pleased to respond to your enquiries and we could provide references from our clients.